"Metal sticker 'Chuni'" Masanori Ushiki

"Metal sticker 'Chuni'" Masanori Ushiki

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Artist: Masanori Ushiki
Title: Metal Sticker "Chuni"
Package size: 12.6 x 9.0 cm

A metal sticker with a character inspired by "Chuni". "Chuni" means a Second year student of junior high school. It is sensitive age.

Masanori Ushiki
Artist and character designer
Based on Japanese anime, special effects, and toys from the 80s and 90s, He creates humorous and fashion-conscious works, focusing on a sense of collectivity, diversity, and continuity, mainly using original characters set in a slightly futuristic time.

Japanese music artists such as "Denpa Gumi Inc", "YUKI", "Little Glee Monster" have all been featured in his work in the jackets of their albums, and his works has been used in advertisements for "Converse", "Red Bull", and "Nissin Cup Noodles" etc., both in Japan and abroad.

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