<transcy>"ART HISTORY: JAPAN1945-2014"  Hideki Nakazawa (Bilingual)</transcy>

"ART HISTORY: JAPAN1945-2014"  Hideki Nakazawa (Bilingual)

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Authur: Hideki Nakazawa
Publisher: Art Diver
Language: Japanese / English
Size: AB size (21.0 x 25.7 cm)
Weight: 300g

From the publisher's site ---------------

From Taro Okamoto, Tadanori Yokoo, Yayoi Kusama to Takashi Murakami, Makoto Aida, Yoshitomo Nara, Chin ↑ Pom, and Chaos Lounge, read about 70 years of contemporary art history from the postwar period to the present!

The first edition of this book was published in 2008, but there are high needs from domestic and foreign art lovers, and the planned number of publications is sold out in a blink of an eye. It is now difficult to obtain. The author himself describes it as "the only official history of contemporary art in Japan", but this time, the history of contemporary art, which covers everything from the postwar period to the present, is unprecedented and is encouraged by the voices of many fans. It was published. Nakazawa says that this issue was due to a new movement in contemporary art from 2008 to the present. The activities of new artists such as the Chaos Lounge have been newly added to Chapter 8, which was deciphered by Nakazawa's unique view of circular history. He also increased the volume of the parts that could not be written in the first edition, and finished it as a more fulfilling book. From beginners of contemporary art to core art fans who want to gain deeper knowledge, this content is fun.

Again, now that Japanese contemporary art is drawing attention from overseas, it can be said to be a must-read book for understanding "contemporary art history" from the postwar period to the present day.

Author Biography:

Artist. Born in Niigata in 1963. He started working as an artist in 1983 while attending Chiba University School of Medicine (first term: acrylic painting). After graduating, he became an ophthalmologist, but in 1990, he changed his paintbrush to a computer mouse and turned into an illustrator (second term: stupid CG). In 1997, he replaced CG pixels with symbols such as letters and turned into a pure artist (third period: method painting). In 2006, he re-used the colors that were forbidden in methodism (4th period: full-scale painting, new method, 4th expressionism). He declares "Methodism Declaration" and "New Methodism Declaration". Patent "3D graphics editing device" "modeling device and method". Books "Modern Art History Textbook", "Western Art History", "Contemporary Art History Japan". CD "Hideki Nakazawa Music Works".