<tc>“Noodling in New York (4)” Akino Kondo</tc>

“Noodling in New York (4)” Akino Kondo

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Author: Akino Kondo
Publisher: Aki Shobo
Language: Japanese
Size: 20.6 x 15.0 cm
Two small animals behind the window. More treasures.
The bustling city of New York has returned.
The remodeled house looks nice.
And to my surprise, I found ......!
There are still dreams that can come true, aren't there?
I'm still noodling about it today in New York.

Akino Kondo
Born in 1980 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Debuted as a manga artist in 2000. She has published a wide variety of works, including animations, drawings, and essays, both in Japan and abroad. Her comics "Hakoniwa Mushi" and "Usual Story" (both published by Seirin Kogeisha), "Usagi no Yoshio" and "Ako-san no Koibito" in 7 volumes (both published by KADOKAWA), and a collection of her works "Satono Kondo Works" (Nanarokusha), major solo exhibitions include "Thinking in New York" (Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo) in 2023 and "Satono Kondo Exhibition" (Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo) in 2019. She has lived in New York since 2008.
◎Official website: https://akinokondoh.com/jp/