• Awakening in the Night - From a conversation with Rena Kudoh

    "I prefer to stay awake at night," Ms. Kudo murmured during our conversation about her artwork

    She enjoys nocturnal strolls, cherishing the solitude that night brings.

    In introducing Rena Kudoh's work, we had several opportunities to speak with the artist.
    We have compiled a list of stories from our conversations that may help you understand the work. We hope you will find it helpful when looking at, touching, and thinking about the works.
  • "Ceramic art is very close to people. Being able to touch and use ceramics is very appealing." Natsumi Noda on her production process and future plans

     ” 効率よくしてしまうと、自分も制作が楽しくないし、
    ものが面白くなくなってしまうかなと思っています ”
  • Natsumi Noda, who "adds stories, emotions, impressions of being there, and a sense of temperature," explains the concept and motifs of her work.

    思いながら作っています "
  • Natsumi Noda talks about the process of creating her artwork: "Communication with people at the dining place is the starting point of my work."

    “  Eating places are a lot of fun, and
    are similar to the downtown environment where I was born and raised. At the origin, people and food are deeply related.

    How did the works come about, and how are they changing?
    I would like to talk about each theme in three parts.
    In the first installment, we will talk about how he started making pottery works, and how the two lines "Natsumi Noda" and "Imustan" were born.