Participating in PARCO ONLINE's art project "new life, new art"

From April 1st to 30th, we're participating in PARCO ONLINE's art project "New Life, New Art." The lineup features artwork and merchandise from artists like Masanori Ushiki, SANZOKU, Natsumi Noda/Imustan, and Yuichi Yokoyama! We have a limited number of signed books from Ushiki and Yokoyama, fresh off the press! Be sure to check them out!


New Life, New Art

A fresh start to a new life. Lift your spirits and embrace the positivity ⤴ Surround yourself with inspiring items that put a smile on your face in your everyday life. Decorate and use art, vases, antiques, clothing, and other favorite items.

Whether it's at the entrance, in the living room, something you use daily, or wear... Find your utopia in a life filled with art. We hope it brings you happiness and joy in your new life ❤

Fill your space with your personal favorites – display, place, and use them to your heart's content! Find self-satisfying art that brings you joy ❤

Event Period: April 1st (Saturday) 10:00 – May 31st (Sunday) 23:59:59

*LUCKYRECORDS ( from 1st  to 30th April)

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