New Release!! Release of Yuichi Yokoyama's new manga "Neo Manyo"

Introducing the Exciting New Manga "Neo Manyo" by Yuichi Yokoyama

We are thrilled to announce the release of the captivating new manga "Neo Manyo" by Yuichi Yokoyama. This unique work brings to life the world of 173 classical Japanese poems, handpicked from Japan's oldest existing poetry anthology "Manyoshu" and the first imperial waka collection "Kokin Wakashu," all portrayed through Yokoyama's distinctive artistic expression.

Recorded works
Hagi/Tagonoura/Tobusa/Hogyoku/Bedroom/Fukuro/GATE/Mato ) / Okina / Okiro / Nomori Costume 1 / Costume 2 / Costume 3 / Yasoshima / Tsukishita / Kaji / Waterfall / Royal Family / Lake Katsumata / Mt. Hakoya / Kacho

Artist: Yuichi Yokoyama
Title: “Neo Manyo”
Language: Japanese
Publisher: PIE International
Size: 25.7 × 18.2 cm

Yokoyama's dynamic linework, onomatopoeia, seamless flow of time, and unique characters define his "Neo Manga" style. His works have gained popularity worldwide, translated and published in countries such as Japan, France, the United States, Italy, Spain, and Russia.

Yuichi Yokoyama graduated from the Musashino Art University's Department of Oil Painting. Initially working in fine art, he turned to manga as a way to "draw time" from the year 2000 onward. His distinctive "Neo Manga" style features dynamic linework, onomatopoeia, a continuous flow of time, and unique characters. Many of his works, such as "New Civil Engineering," "Travel," "NIWA," "Baby Boom," and "Between World Maps," have been translated and published in countries like Japan, France, the United States, Italy, Spain, and Russia, garnering widespread acclaim. In addition, high-quality art books showcasing Yokoyama's vivid colors and original artwork, like "BABY BOOM FINAL," which makes generous use of highly-concentrated fluorescent colors, have also been published.

Don't miss out on the chance to experience the mesmerizing world of "Neo Manyo" and the brilliant work of Yuichi Yokoyama. Add this captivating manga to your collection today!