<tc>"Flattened sculpture" (Japanese version)</tc>

"Flattened sculpture" (Japanese version)

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Edited by Yusuke Toda
Cover, front cover, door/original picture: Yuichi Yokoyama
Title: “Flattened sculpture” (Japanese version)
Language: Japanese
Size: 21.5 x 16.8 cm

9 sculptors, art historians, and curators gathered for joint research on "confirming the genealogy of sculpture established by the surface that covers the structure". A lot of discussions with a firm proposition. Finally, unanimously, the pursuit started as a "pera-pera sculpture". Is the inside of the Dojoji bell inside or outside? As if suffering from a Zen question, some from the tactile sense, some from the hollow, some from the shiny, some from the air of the times...Yuichi Yokoyama draws the chapter opening, and the overflowing love of sculpture creates "sculptures to read". rice field!

Yuichi Yokoyama
Graduated from Musashino Art University Oil Painting Department in 1990. He was making fine arts, but since 2000 he has chosen comics that can "draw time" as a way of expression. Yokoyama's manga, which is characterized by sprinting lines and onomatopoeia, the flow of time drawn without interruption, and unique characters, is called "neo manga" and is called "new civil engineering", "travel", "NIWA", "NIWA". Many books such as "Baby Boom" and "World Map Room" have been translated and published in countries such as Japan, France, the United States, Italy, Spain, and Russia, and are gaining popularity. In addition, high-quality works such as "BABY BOOM FINAL", which reproduces the original picture of Yokoyama's vivid colors using abundant high-concentration fluorescent colors, have also been published.