New arrival of Japanse art books (August 2023)

New arrival of art books

We will introduce newly arrived art books.

  1. “Sewing Box” Eye Ohashi
  2. “Production Notes 1967-2008” Kishio Suga 
  3. “Thinking in New York (4)” Akino Kondo

“Sewing Box” Eye Ohashi

Photographer Eye Ohashi's photo book has arrived.
The binding is very beautiful, and the edges of the end pages are stitched with red thread, giving the feel of a "sewing box" which is the theme of the photo book.
A sewing box is both a trace and an accumulation of the owner's handiwork.
Imagining how something was created is a way of thinking about the daily activities of others, and it also gives us time to reconsider our own daily lives.Please take a look inside the sewing boxes of 100 people.




Sewing boxes of 100 people photographed by photographer Eye Ohashi The inspiration for photography came from noticing the sewing box owned by my mother, who loves to sew, and she continued to photograph as she expanded her focus. Small sewing boxes range from heavy sewing boxes that have been passed down from generation to generation to lighter items such as empty sweets boxes, simple plastic tool boxes, rattan containers, cloth bags, and ziplock bags. Although they are daily necessities, the owner's personality and orientation are reflected in the way they choose boxes, the types of tools, and how they are organized and stored.
The sewing box, which has been with us for a long time and has become even tasteful, gives us a sense of the warmth of people, resulting in a strangely calming photo book.

Eye Ohashi Born in 1974 in Kanagawa PrefectureGraduated from Tokyo College of Photography in 1995Major solo exhibitions include “arche” (2019, POETIC SCAPE, Tokyo), “Yaan Village” (2014, Ginza Photo Promenade, Tokyo), “piece” (2013, FOIL GALLERY, Kyoto/hpgrp Gallery, Tokyo) ), “UNCHAINED” (2008, FOIL GALLERY, Tokyo), etc.His photo books include “arche” (2019, poetic scape), “piece” (2013, FOIL), “UNCHAINED” (2008, FOIL), and “Longe daqui” (2004, Shinpusha).


“Kishio Suga Production Notes 1967–2008

A book by Mr. Kishio Suga, who is famous as a central figure of "Mono-ha", has arrived.
Although it is slightly smaller than the A5 version, it has a strong presence with a thickness of 5 cm and 704 pages.Artist's handwritten text on simple orange bindingThis is a book that makes you feel attached to it as a “thing”.
This is a rare opportunity to see the notebook in which I wrote down ideas and plans for creating works for 40 years.Mr. Suga's works are made with familiar materials such as wood and stone, and sometimes it is difficult to understand them just by looking at the title and work.From artists to business people, you'll likely find many words that can help you create things, such as what you're trying to express and what kind of trial and error you're using.




The use of many elements and entities in a work means that the ``thought'' contains a kind of ``play'', or rather a reality that is not necessarily necessary at the time.
Representing things that can be captured instantly and things that come in over time in one place can lead to new understanding.
“The essence of art is to express everything, but at the same time to awaken the reality that cannot be expressed.”
He is widely acclaimed around the world as a central artist of the Mono-ha movement, which rose from the late 1960s to the 1970s and brought a major art movement to Japan. Collecting Kishio Suga
It expresses the relationships and changes in things, places, and people that occur through simple actions such as arranging, combining, and leaning everyday materials such as stones, wood, metal, rope, and water. I have
Alongside Suga's work was a notebook that forms the basis of an artist who has always used writing to organize and develop his thoughts, from the conception of an idea to the concept of a work.
This book contains pages selected by the author himself from 20 notebooks written between 1967 and 2008.In addition, some excerpts of the text were printed in print.
All 704 pages engraved with the starting point of the artist's work, which continues to deeply face and question the principles of this world.

Kishio Suga
Born in 1944 in Morioka City, Iwate PrefectureLives in Shizuoka Prefecture1968 Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of PaintingSince his first solo exhibition in 1968 , he has participated in over 400 domestic and international exhibitions to date.Major exhibitions in recent years include a solo exhibition at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca (Milan) in 2016, a solo exhibition at Dia: Chelsea (New York), and a solo exhibition at the Scottish National Museum of Modern Art. Two-person exhibition with Carla Black at the Museum of Fine Arts, 201757 Venice Biennale International Exhibition "VIVA ARTE VIVA", Center Pompidou There are exhibitions such as "Japanorama: New Japanese Art since 1970" in Metz.In Japan, in 2015 and 2015, the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, "Kishio Suga Placed Potential" will be held simultaneously.2021–2022 In 2021, he held a solo exhibition "The Existence of Things and the Eternity of Place" at his hometown, Iwate Prefectural Museum of Art, looking back on his activities in 50 years, and it became a big hit. collectHis works are in the collections of more than 40 museums in Japan and abroad, including the Center Pompidou, Tate Modern, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.



“Noodling in New York (4)”

Akino Kondo

Volume 4 of manga series "Noodeling in New York" by manga artist and artist Akino Kondo has been released.Kondo's uniquely gentle perspective depicts the rapidly changing world situation, including the spread of the coronavirus, the presidential election, and the war in Ukraine, as well as the gradual changes in cities and lifestyles, and the continuation of daily life.This is a book that will make you feel relieved.
You can also read English translations of several stories below.



《 Two small animals on the other side of the windowTreasures have increased again 》

The bustle of New York has returned
The renovated home looks nice too
And there it was...!

〈There are still dreams that will come true.'' I am thinking about this in New York today as well.

Akino Kondo
Born in 1980 in Chiba Prefecturecartoonist, artistDebuted as a manga artist in 2000He has published a wide variety of works, including animation, drawings, and essays, both domestically and internationally.In 2010, the digest version of the animation "Ladybug's Story" was selected as one of the Top 25 at "YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video" (Guggenheim Museum, New York).In 2011, the animation “KiyaKiya” was presented at the solo exhibition “KiyaKiya” (Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo).Comics include ``Hakoniwa Mushi'' and ``The Usual Story'' (both published by Seirin Kogeisha), ``Yoshio the Rabbit'' and ``Ako-san's Lover'', all 7 volumes (both published by KADOKAWA), and the collection of works ``Satono Kondo's Works Collection''. (Nanaroku Publishing), and a collection of essays ``Mystery is a Plain Story'' (Nanaroku Publishing).A book that summarizes this series "Thinking in New York" 1-4 (Aki Shobo) is also on sale now.Lives in New York since 2008
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